Global Youth Baseball Federation offers church groups, individuals and organizations opportunities to travel overseas and get involved in our ongoing projects. Throughout the year we organize trips to Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Israel and other countries.

In most places we travel we work with locals and seek to develop and grow indigenous churches, further the work they are doing and sometimes open new ministry opportunities. We bring aid, serve in the community, we build relationships and bridges of understanding in order to shine the light of God. The kinds of opportunities and projects vary from place to place, but these are some of our usual activities:

DR 2011-7

• Baseball clinics for youth, (with the gospel presented via testimonies)
• Baseball games with local teams (relationship building and witness to coaches and players)
• Open air, street, door-to-door and housing complex ministry
• Benevolence work in local communities (aid, food, clothing and etc)
• Aid transport (baseball equipment, medical supplies, clothing, and Bibles)
• One-on-one evangelism (with follow-up Bible studies and discipleship)
• Support and ministry to local churches, pastors, emerging leaders
• Programs to help new churches grow numerically and become more effective
• Training new leaders, encouragement, financial support of pastors


Global Baseball has been developing our work in Cuba for many years. Despite the lack of US diplomatic relations with Cuba we have made lasting contacts with many country's officials, with the ministry of sports, and as a result were able to work unhindered amidst the people of Cuba. Cuban people love baseball and are openhearted to the spiritual message we bring as well. We have working with local churches, supporting them, bringing aid, equipment and ministry teams and as a result contributed to the explosion of the house church movement on the island.

Dominican Republic

Baseball is a very popular sports game in the Dominican Republic. Over the years we have taken teams of short-term volunteers with bags of supplies, sports equipment and medical aid to this beautiful country. Working with local churches, baseball leagues and coaches we were able to organize free sports camps and impact the lives of many young people. We are a registered nonprofit in the country and currently do a lot of our work in partnership with Manny Mota Foundation.


Global Baseball frequently takes teams of volunteers to Israel. The local atmosphere can be unsettled, but we have always stayed safe and each traveler returned home incredibly inspired by the journey. It is difficult to visit Jerusalem, to travel in the footsteps of Jesus, walk on the ancient roads and not be touched by the experience. Doing nonprofit work among the people of Israel, whether sports-related or not sometimes pales to what most Christians feel just being in the land of the Bible.